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Tour of the Nest CoWorking premises

Mo Rasheparian, general manager takes us on a tour of NEST, www.cybertechnetwork.org, as part of San Diego Coworking Week. At 16,000 square feet, NEST is one of San Diego’s largest Coworking spaces, and mixes Tech focused business such as CyberTech (CyberHive), Internet of Things (iHive), and Emerging Technologies (xHive) with lifestyle businesses.


Nest CoWork

The largest incubator in downtown San Diego, CyberTECH NEST is a coworking space for entrepreneurs and small business, particularly those in cyber, Smart City, Internet of Things and other innovative technology. This is where the next great idea could be launched. The City of San Diego helped fund its expansion.

How to Get More Out of Your CoWorking Space

Most of the time, you just need a quiet space to sit and work. And your co-working space is a great way to meet that need. But co-working spaces are more than just a desk and cup of free coffee. Co-working spaces provide several avenues into your local community that can help you build networks […]

Who uses CoWorking Spaces in San Diego?

The Myth of the Twenty-something Co-Worker When you think about the typical co-working space, you might image twenty-somethings at standing desks while drinking lattes and snap-chatting about the newest apps. In reality, co-working spaces are multi-generational environments. In a co-working space like NEST CoWork in Bankers Hill, you’ll find a wide range of ages and […]


How CoWorking Makes Remote Sales Feel Less Remote

For decades, the traditional field or outside sales representative worked out of his or her car. With a trunk filled with brochures, sales forms, and sample products, the road warrior could spend 95% of the week working from the front seat of the car. But the co-working space has shifted the professional lives of that […]

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Clarifying Coffee Lingo

CyberHive Members are able to enrich their workday with coffees and teas thanks to the Grind Café occupying a corner of the first floor at First and Fir. But for some, trying to understand a café menu means Googling a bunch of strange words (like americano and matcha). So to help, we’ve compiled this sampling […]

Nights and Weekends Offer Some Great Quiet Time

If you walk into a co-working space on a Monday at 10 am, the place is buzzing. The conference rooms are filled; the phone booths are buzzing with business calls; and the private offices are teeming with enthusiastic entrepreneurs. But by Friday at 4pm… it’s slow. And by Sunday at 7pm… it’s nothing but crickets […]

IBM Turns to WeWork

In a massive deal for co-working giant, WeWork, IBM just rented the entire 70,000 square feet of WeWork’s University Place in New York City. So the looming question is why? As a major leader for more than a century, shouldn’t IBM be able to manage its own office space? Sure. But it’s not 1945, and […]

Come See the Snacks at the Grind Coffee Shop

Americanos, lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos are great… but sometimes you need more than just a drink. So at the Grind Café, we have been expanding our line of sweet and savory snacks to make sure that you can satisfy your hunger cravings throughout the day. Bakery Items There is almost no better match for that […]