Who uses CoWorking Spaces in San Diego?

The Myth of the Twenty-something Co-Worker

When you think about the typical co-working space, you might image twenty-somethings at standing desks while drinking lattes and snap-chatting about the newest apps. In reality, co-working spaces are multi-generational environments. In a co-working space like NEST CoWork in Bankers Hill, you’ll find a wide range of ages and workers seeking a comfortable yet professional space – from entrepreneurs of all ages launching startups to freelancers to remote workers looking for a quiet, professional place to do their job.

More Mid-Career Start-Ups
Contrary to some popular beliefs, the younger generation doesn’t have a lock on innovative ideas. Certainly, there has been a growing number of Millennials starting their own businesses rather than going to work in a corporation right out the gate. However, entrepreneurs are just as likely to launch a new business at 35 or even 50, as 20. The past several years have seen a significant trend toward mid-level career professionals starting a business of their own as reported by publications including Forbes and Financial Times. Solid business plans and fiscal responsibility, often come from the mid-level professionals who have accumulated the experience and resources to bring a new idea to market. So, for every eager Millennial in your co-working space, there is likely a hard-working thirty-something or fifty-something diligently planning out a business strategy.

The Growth of the Gig Economy
The independent contractor or freelancer is a core group of any co-working cohort. The growth of the gig economy has seen a big increase over the past decade and it’s predicted that the gig economy workforce will double in the next four years. That means 9.2 million Americans are expected to work in the gig economy by 2021, up from 3.8 million last year, according to combined research by Intuit and Emergent Research. Real estate agents, insurance agents, graphic designers, computer programmers and “on demand workers” will occupy a significant percentage of co-working desk spaces.

Remote and Distance Workers
High quality, experienced employees don’t always live close to a corporate headquarters office. So, the co-working space is an affordable, professional solution for any company that wants to provide a desk or office to a distance worker. Concerned about the distractions that come with a home-office, corporations are turning to co-working spaces as a way to keep talented employees focused on work.

The co-working spaces around the country are filled with professionals of every age. That diversity feeds into each community and creates productive and innovate forums for building businesses of every size.