Come See the Snacks at the Grind Coffee Shop

Americanos, lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos are great… but sometimes you need more than just a drink. So at the Grind Café, we have been expanding our line of sweet and savory snacks to make sure that you can satisfy your hunger cravings throughout the day.

Bakery Items

There is almost no better match for that coffee than a bagel with cream cheese. Maybe a slice of lemon loaf. Or a blueberry muffin. Regardless of your tastes, you can find a fresh, fantastic bakery item at the Grind Café every day. But come early – because once the day’s selection of muffins and bagels are gone, we can’t restock until the next delivery.

Snack Bars and Quick Refreshers

Come try one of our Larabars, Kettle Chips, or CLIF Bars to get you through the day. For some of us, we need a mid-morning snack. For others, it’s the two o’clock slump. The Grind Café has a range of quick bites that will help you get through the day without feeling weighed down by a big lunch. And for a protein boost, grab a Chobani yogurt.


Yes, we’ve got some great sandwiches. Freshly made every morning, you can select from ham, turkey, roast beef, and veggie sandwiches. Try our Bumble Bee tuna salad snack box or Quaker oatmeal for an alternative.

The Sweet Stuff

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a Toblerone bar to help you survive the stress of a long day at the office. And if you’re concerned about your coffee breath, pick up a box of Altoids. (Your colleagues might appreciate it!) If you really need a cookie, come try our newest addition, Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie. These cookies, with 16 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, have no soy, no dairy, and are non-GMO. (But you wouldn’t know it by the taste.)

The Grind Café has a solution for any hunger pangs or cravings while you work. Bring a friend – or better yet – bring that friend a surprise treat from our selection of snacks.