How CoWorking Makes Remote Sales Feel Less Remote

For decades, the traditional field or outside sales representative worked out of his or her car. With a trunk filled with brochures, sales forms, and sample products, the road warrior could spend 95% of the week working from the front seat of the car. But the co-working space has shifted the professional lives of that contingent of the American workforce. Thanks to multiple locations, storage spaces, and a lively crew in every office, remote sales reps are now turning to CoWorking spaces for productivity and professionalism.

Co-working Becomes the Home Base
If you’ve ever visited the home of a company sales rep, you likely saw a garage, spare office, or dining room filled with boxes. (Not everything can fit into the trunk of the car.) Co-working spaces are able to customize rental plans to provide space to solve the sales rep space conundrum. Instead of desk rentals, co-working spaces can offer a few shelves in a storeroom along with a “floating desk” membership. The dining room remains clean and the rep has a home base for paperwork and sales calls.

Part of a Community
Being a field sales rep can be lonely work. With long hours on the road, a sales rep might only interact with colleagues by phone or at quarterly meetings. But with a co-working membership, the sales rep suddenly has all the benefits of a collaborative workplace. With even one day per week at a CoWorking office (instead of at the dining room table or overcrowded café), a sales rep can have a sense of belonging and community.

A Professional Presence
For a sales rep covering several cities or states across their territory, a co-working desk serves as a home-away-from-home. For a regional sales rep, a co-working space provides a professional, high tech environment to hold client meetings or company gatherings.

Outside sales reps no longer have to live out of their cars or coffee shops. Co-working spaces can cater to the needs of the individual rep, ensuring a professional environment and community worth coming home to.