CyberTECH Speed Networking & Smart & Safe Cities Tech

Come join us for the evening and stay for a a great speed networking event with some of San Diego’s best entrepreneurs and business people. We’ll also have some great food and beverages as well.

We believe a “digital” city cannot be “smart” if the things it connects to the network and other open networks are vulnerable to cyber attack or lack basic user privacy or product safety.

As we move steadily closer to connecting every person and device in the world, our economic future will depend even more on maintaining a unified global Internet. As a result, the billions of interconnected intelligent devices will generate insurmountable amounts of data that will need to be secured.

This reality will require companies of all shapes and sizes to work collaboratively to ensure efficiency and security. We strongly believe this is a very important topic that will continue to grow and affect each industry through what we are calling convergence. Join us for this Smart & Safe Cities Tech Meetup to continue the discussion.

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April 13


05:00 pm - 07:30 pm

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CyberTECH Cybersecurity


NEST Cowork Space

1855 1st Avenue, Suite 201

San Diego, CA, US

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