Welcomes Start Ups and Entrepreneurs

NEST CoWork Welcomes Start-Up Workers and Entrepreneurs during San Diego Startup Week

San Diego celebrated its start-up culture with the 5th annual San Diego Start-Up Week. Within a five-day span (June 19 to June 23), start-up owners and entrepreneurs attended fifteen tracks, more than 250 sessions, and more than 300 speakers. San Diego Start-Up Week attendees also had the chance to visit several of San Diego’s co-working spaces, including NEST CoWork.

We were happy to welcome start-up workers during Start-Up Week, showing them the benefits of the First and Fir office building. Besides the (fully equipped) GRIND Coffee Shop and (awesome) free WiFi, NEST CoWork’s key benefits are its pricing structure and laid-back, creative vibe. “Our plans are flexible — keeping in mind the needs of our members; our pricing is all inclusive, so no surprises at the end of the month,” says Darin Andersen, NEST CoWork founder.

Depending on what stage they are in from seed to growth, start-up companies need flexibility in pricing in order to adapt to an every-changing environment. With hot desk, dedicated desks, cubicles, and offices to choose from, entrepreneurs can expand or retract as needed. Plus, NEST CoWork offers phone booths, conference rooms, patio seating, café seating, and a roller coaster for one-on-one and group meetings. (OK, so there’s no roller coaster. But the patio seating gives you great views of planes landing at the airport!) By selecting NEST CoWork as a home-base, start-up companies have access to a variety of work environments without the confines of a long lease. Plus, with free printing (and free brewed coffee), there are no surprise bills at the end of each month.

San Diego Startup Week showcased access to the CyberTECH network as well as the many functions that members can take part in, including a Pitch Fest sponsored by Procopio and eSentire, a CyberTECH EiR mentorathon, and a Smart City Hackathon co-sponsored by CyberTECH, Cleantech San Diego, GE Current, Intel, and AT&T.

Perhaps, equally important, NEST CoWork has a unique, techy vibe. Although you don’t have to a tech company to connect into the NEST environment, tech start-ups are the core of the NEST membership. Pitch nights, Meet-Ups, and member dinners give NEST its comfy, collaborative feel. By providing forums for formal and informal discussions, NEST members gain access to a knowledge base established by the companies/members just ahead on the start-up journey.