NXT is dedicated to making sure that we have the best outdoor robots that are highly efficient and functional for a multiple use cases. We believe that without rigorously testing our Robot’s for hours on end, we will not be able to deliver one that works just as well in the field as advertised. In this endeavor, we have created our proving grounds, this property has been recently acquired by us and sits on the outskirts of San Diego in El Cajon. At our proving grounds we are able to run test cycles 24/7 and often do, our engineers have a workshop available for them as well. The site comes with a lot of high end tools and equipment along with secure storage.

NXT is a platform for companies wishing to build their robotic use cases, we want to make sure that we work to support our user endeavors. We have made our proving grounds available to our users and by using the form on this page you can request time at the proving grounds. We hope you make use of these excellent facilities to deliver your unique use case in the world of robotics. If you would like to learn more about the NXT platform, let us know and we can setup some time to do a demo as well.