Why the NEST CoWork Ecosystem?

Our ecosystem nurtures new ideas, new friendships, new partnerships, new ventures, new investments, new levels of prosperity. We provide an environment that fosters successful outcomes, allowing our members to fully focus.

Working together — and independently — we believe NEST compares favorably to WeWork and other CoWorking spaces in measurable ways. Consider:

  • Community vs Ecosystem
  • Add-on pricing vs Single Price
  • Corporate entity vs Born in San Diego for San Diegans
  • Cookie-cutter formula vs Personalized and Flexible
  • Vending machines vs Full-service Coffee Shop
  • Social events vs Tech-Focused events
  • Office hours vs Experienced, Available Mentors

Ecosystem Highlights

  1. Entrepreneur in Residence Program: California’s tech-inspired startups drive many of today’s hottest and most innovative products and services, helping to further position the state as the global center for excellence in Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies such as drones, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing.In that spirit, CyberTECH is proud to announce the CyberTECH Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) — a six-month, low-rent program designed to build strategic relationships between early-stage companies and CyberTECH’s growing ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

    This innovative program leveraging CyberTECH’s “Social Community Incubator Model” is designed as a major element of CyberTECH’s Smart & Safe Cities initiative, in partnership with CyberCalifornia.

  2. Events: CyberTECH events provide the opportunity for all  members of the NEST Community a chance to interact with leading entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and other members of the community to foster innovation, growth and quality connections. For a complete list of our current events click here.
  3. Programs: Currently we are running two programs one for the Smart and Safe cities institute and another for Cyber California. Our programs are a way for us to pick a vertical and support stakeholders in the entire chain. We are constantly partnering with organizations to create and support new and meaningful programs.


  • Option of reserved desk/office fully furnished (chairs and desk)
  • Access to conference rooms and shared working spaces in iHive, CyberHive, xHive and NEST including conferencing phones and white boards
  • Access to lounge areas and common spaces
  • Access to patio area for company events
  • Access to 4 full kitchens including coffee, water, tea, dishwasher, microwave, large refrigerators and his/her separate bathrooms


  • Free consulting/office hours with select service providers (legal, connectivity, HR, financial, business and technical consulting, etc.)
  • Direct access to Board of Directors, Advisors, key stakeholders, investors and CyberTECH Network.
  • Access to all the events organized by the broader CyberTECH Network community.


  • Cox high speed 20 Mbps, Fiber broadband Internet access, free WiFi + all utilities included
  • Dedicated App
  • Dynamically book Conference Rooms
  • Pay Online
  • Member Directory

All CoWorks are not equal

Them vs Us

  • Community vs Ecosystem
  • Add on Pricing vs Single Price
  • Corporate Entity vs Born in San Diego for San Diegans
  • Cookie Cutter and Formulaic vs Personalized and Flexible
  • Vending Machines vs Full Coffee Shop
  • Fun Community Events vs Focused events
  • Office Hours vs Mentors